Window and Door Trends for 2023

It’s no secret that with the pandemic driving more people indoors, home improvement projects are higher than ever before as homeowners work to spruce up their frequented living spaces. Addressing the state of your windows and doors can do more than just improve your curb appeal. Money spent on window and door replacement is far-reaching. Modern doors can enrich your return on investment while upgrading your energy efficiency and comfort, improving soundproofing, and bettering your home’s air quality overall.

Window Trends of 2023

The bigger, the better

Many homeowners are installing larger windows in 2021 to bring more natural light into their living spaces. Taller and wider window openings offer that sense of connection with the outside world that so many crave with all the extra time in. And that extra dose of Vitamin D from the extra sunlight can give your immunity the added boost it needs.

Easy Slide Operators

Struggling to open a window because of poor lever design shouldn’t be something that adds to the complexities of life. Well, say goodbye to stiff levers and cranks that are crippling your windows’ functionality. Innovation has led window engineers to design many different options.

Black Window Frames

Due to the rise in popularity of the modern-traditional home, requests for black window frames are on the rise. In fact, one product line, Euroline Window and Doors, has experienced an increase in the past few years. 2021 is showing no shift from this popular window installation trend.

Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

Indoor-outdoor living spaces allow residents to repurpose common areas for the flexibility they desire for home exercise, gathering, meditation, and rest. Achieving this adaptability is easier than one might think with custom window installation. Window installers can replace smaller windows with a larger slider system or pass-through window alternative.

Door Trends of 2023

Full-Height Doors

Full-height doors also referred to as ceiling doors, are a popular door installation choice for 2021. Made with a variety of materials, colors and textures, full-height doors make quite a statement. The draw to full-height doors is both their sleek, modern look along with their ability to visually lengthen the ceiling giving the illusion that a room is larger than it is.

Glass Doors

The draw towards inviting natural light into a living space continues with glass door installation. Lighting can alter the mood of a room, adding energy and vitality to prior dead spaces. Glass doors also increase the spatiality of a room, allowing for more unincumbered living.

Eco-Friendly Doors

Ecology and sustainability are two common buzzwords of our day, so it is no wonder that they influence our architecture. A move toward doors that have low environmental impact is a strong 2021 door installation trend.  Solid, natural wood doors, PVC frames (100% recyclable), and wooden doors support sustainability while promoting energy efficiency.

Dark Doors

Designers see a return to dark tones for doors in 2021, with Black Oak being a popular shade. Dark tones, when paired with lighter counter and floor accents, can make light tones appear that much brighter. The contrast of light on dark allows each to improve from the paired distinctions.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors that can be installed both inside and outside the wall are another popular 2021 door installation trend. Sliding doors are chosen for their space-saving design along with their ability to make a living space more multi-purpose.